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Having money in the bank will allow you to rest easy and enjoy life. If you're in a business or romantic partnership, your other half will receive dividends that indirectly benefit you. This is cause for celebration. Are you dating someone special? You may decide to join households, giving you an added measure of financial security. No matter how you slice it, the beginning of January will be a profitable patch for you.

On the 21st, a Lunar Eclipse will mark the end of an educational programme. Getting a certificate or passing a test will cause your confidence to soar.

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Once this hurdle has been cleared, you'll have more time to enjoy social pursuits. Don't pass up an invitation to a festive occasion during the second half of the month; you're sure to have a wonderful time.

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On the 6th, a Solar Eclipse will have a transformative effect on a partnership. You may decide to enter into a business alliance or get married to the one you love. If you're already in a serious romance, your partner will have wonderful news that transforms both your lives. Relocating to a new neighbourhood, making more money or adopting a different lifestyle are among the possibilities. Are you single? You could fall head over heels in love with someone you meet at a professional conference or financial meeting.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st brings the end to a labour of love. Although you enjoyed this line of work, you're ready to try something new.

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Moving into a hi-tech field will be very rewarding. Not only will you have a chance to learn valuable skills, you'll also be given a greater measure of independence. Being able to make your own decisions will fuel your imagination. On the 6th, a Solar Eclipse will prompt you to launch a health regimen. Overhauling the way you eat, sleep and exercise will yield impressive results. Talk to a medical professional about building a programme that makes sense for your particular needs.

Fad diets and extreme exercise will only set you up for failure. The more practical your approach, the more successful it will be. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st puts an end to a role you've performed for a long time. Although you'll be sad to leave your old life behind, it will be exciting to make a fresh start. Take this opportunity to enrol in university, travel the world or launch a creative project.

After performing your duty for such a long time, you're ready to embark on an adventure. Turn a deaf ear to cautious friends who are convinced you are courting disaster. You know what is best for you. A Solar Eclipse on the 6th invites you to let your hair down and have some fun. This is a great time to fall in love, go on vacation or enter a contest. If an accomplished individual has recently entered the scene, go ahead and ask for a date.

You'll share many of the same values with this newcomer, paving the way for an enriching relationship. Have family responsibilities been getting you down? Travel to an ancient city that has fascinated you since childhood. You'll have a wonderful time visiting restaurants, shops and places of historic interest.

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  6. Would you like to earn a money or reward? Sign up for a competition; you just might win the top prize. On the 21st, a Lunar Eclipse brings an end to a prolonged period of seclusion.

    At long last, you'll be able to take your place in the spotlight. Don't be surprised when you become a virtual love magnet. On the 6th, a Solar Eclipse will create changes to your home life. There's a chance you'll be welcoming a youngster or elderly relative to your household. Alternatively, you could buy or sell a piece of property. Open in app. Notification Center. What will this day bring you? Here is what the stars foretell Aries : Today, you may be busy with your family and friends. You may plan to renovate your house or may bring some creative stuff to maintain your social status and increase your prestige.


    You may expect an addition to your fixed assets that will increase your savings. Read Post a comment.

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    Are they plotting against you? Bright colours and fun designs will keep them entertained for hours. They prefer to apply a quick coat of a classic shade at their desks. If they have a minute. This air sign is the artist of the group and they roll their eyes at anything too conventional.

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    When it comes to nail art, glitter is great, tips are great, but something different on each nail is even better. No one feels things as intensely as this sign Rihanna is a Pisces, FYI so when it comes to expressing themselves through their nails, they want something a little dark and twisted.

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    Inspiration: Preferring to match their outsides with their insides, these nails at The Blonds Spring show are chaotic enough to do the trick. By Souzan Michael Date August 1, Aries As the most fiery sign of the zodiac, Aries like to literally make a statement whenever they can. Taurus No one appreciates opulence and over-the-top glamour like a Taurus.

    Gemini This sign is the talker of the zodiac. Inspiration: An updated classic, like this coloured French mani from the Wes Gordon runway. Cancer Dearest Cancer is the sensitive soul of the zodiac. Inspiration: Pretty pink nails with just enough shimmer from Jenny Packham.