Analytic number theory in honor of helmut maier 10 birthday

Malykhin, C. Gyarmati, S. Discrete Math. Konyagin, Y. Algebra Number Theory Appl. Cochrane, S. Khovanova, S. Rassias on the occasion of his th birthday, Springer Optim. Acquaah, S. Konyagin, F. Number Theory , 2 :4 , 3— Bochkarev, B. Golubov, A. Gonchar, M. D'yachenko, V. Malykhin, S.

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Nikol'skii, M. Potapov, V. Sadovnichii, S. Surveys , 66 :4 , — Dilworth, K. Konyagin, D. Malykhin and V. Arestov, V. Berdyshev, N. Chernykh, T. Demina, N. Kholschevnikova, S.

Analytic Number Theory: In Honor of Helmut Maier's 60th Birthday

Subbotin, S. Telyakovskii, I.

Philippe Michel, Introductory talk on Analytic Number Theory

Tsar'kov, V. Andreev, S. Sergeev, Yu.

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Random fractal strings: their zeta functions, complex dimensions and spectral asymptotics Haran, M. Monographs New Series, Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford. Hawking, S.

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Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. He, C. Generalized Minkowski content, spectrum of fractal drums, fractal strings and the Riemann zeta-function Herichi, H.. Riemann zeros and phase transitions via the spectral operator on fractal strings, J.

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