8 january leo horoscope 2020

Also, an unfavorable period for making investments and to launch new ventures. Nothing very encouraging in the combination of stars facing you this month, as far as your career prospects are concerned. What would been a fine quality of leadership under a different set of circumstances might well degenerate to a streak of meanness. You might tend to severely exploit your juniors and subordinates for selfish ends.

This would be met by stiff opposition and create an extremely unpleasant situation for you. Try and prevent such a situation from coming about. Travel also would be there, but would fail to generate any gain for you, though there could be some marginal percentage in a sojourn to the East. Contacts also will not help in any meaningful manner. This month the affairs of your family are unlikely to have smooth sailing, since the stars are not favorably disposed.

You should have trouble in your relations with the female members of the family. Use tact and a certain amount of skill to circumvent troubled areas and stay out of trouble.

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The family atmosphere would be nothing to write home about, with tension and discord among the members openly in evidence. Financially also, you all are unlikely to do very well.

Health according to Leo Horoscope 2020

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January Monthly astrology prediction for 12 Leo Sign of the Year Free monthly horoscope January January monthly astrology January monthly horoscope January monthly horoscope January monthly horoscope of Leo January monthly horoscope prediction January monthly horoscope reading Monthly Astrology January. Pt Shakti Shiromani Shukla posts 0 comments. If you take advantage of this favourable time, you can get a very good percentage. Read More…. The year will be special for the students.

Students will focus on studies and their dedication will be at the peak predicts your Taurus Education Horoscope Those who are into higher education will get completely absorbed in studies, in an effort to achieve their goals. It is anticipated that some students will get an opportunity to go abroad for educational purpose. The year will be good for studies. You will be able to proceed in your desired line of studies. If you wish to go outstation for studies or if you are planning to go abroad, then your dreams are likely to come true during this year says your Gemini Education Horoscope Overall, this year seems to be good for education says your Cancer Education Horoscope You will become more serious and alert about your studies, and also study harder to achieve your goals during this year.

This will surely get reflected in your results.

Leo 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

The year is going to be most favourable for those who are preparing for competitive exams or for ones associated with higher studies. You may remain anxious about your studies from April, yet you will succeed. Your memory will improve and your concentration will also increase significantly. Your anxiety will encourage you to perform better and you will be motivated this year to do well.

Education is very important in life. The lord of your sign Mercury and Jupiter are the significations of education.

Leo Horoscope 2020 - Complete Horoscope Prediction 2020 For Leo Zodiac Sign

Saturn is the lord of your education house. The period from the beginning of this year till 23rd March is negative for students, whereas the phase from 29th April to 17th September is moderate. Education and humbleness denote our inner beauty. Students will get mixed results during the year Those who are preparing for competitive exams will overcome some challenges but succeed ultimately. Your performance will be good; however, you will have to work harder.

Planet Saturn may initially cause some laziness. But if you study well, you will get good results. Your desire to go abroad for studies will also get fulfilled. Ganesha says that this year will provide mixed results regarding your education.

Those who are pursuing higher studies should especially study hard during this period. You will have no alternative but to work harder and remain focused on your studies. Besides, you may be unable to make the best use of your skills and abilities. Apart from this, you may not be able to appear for your examination.

Ganeshaji is speaking that the Sagittarius people will see many kinds of changes in their lives during this year due to Jupiter. Primary or higher education will be available. The time period from start of the year till the first week of June is good.